Bathroom Remodeling Process: The Beginning Phases

Plan ahead: Bathroom Remodel Goals & Budget

A bathroom remodel does not occur over night. The time that you have to plan, design and even plan some more is vital when it comes to a bathroom remodel. The first thing that you need to do is make a list of your bathroom's current set up. This includes features like fixtures, appliances and lighting.

Proper planning involves taking accurate measurements for the new space being planned as well as the old space that will be modified or replaced. It also involves obtaining proper permits in order to have things done by code.

A contractor needs to know how much material he or she has at his disposal in order to take accurate estimates on cost and time needed for the project. Remember contracts are guaranteed on specific work completed, not hours worked so keep this fact in mind when negotiating price with contractors.

Search for the best contractor for the bathroom renovation

Shopping around is always good, and photos and examples of their work may help with your decision but ultimately it's up to you who you choose as your contractor. When choosing a contractor take note of things like customer service and past experience. Occasionally call back previous customers that have had the type of job you are contracting out done to get an honest opinion on price, quality and how well they were treated by the company.

While searching through reviews online ask yourself these questions:

Does this company seem professional?

Are they willing to go ahead without down payment?

How long has this company been around?

Many contractors advertise on the internet these days. Many are not licensed to work in your city or state and have no credentials as a contractor. Check references, speak with friends and family, check out Yelp reviews that can give you an idea of how reputable they are.

The number one thing to remember when checking references is ask about the quality of their work not what time they showed up for work every day or if their workers were nice people. Those things have nothing to do with quality of finish work done.  If someone sounds like they don't know what you're talking about if you mention the steps involved in remodeling a bathroom be very wary indeed! 

Get a legit quote from your general contractor

Get a quote for all things included like your electrical, plumbing, fixtures and flooring. Don't pick the cheapest option! They will only cut corners to save themselves money and most likely you'll end up paying more in the long run when they don't finish on time or skimp out and use cheaper material.

Ask them what are their warranty options for their labor and for your material. Ask them if they have a professional crew that has the experience to do the job well or will you be getting some people off of Craigslist? You want to always get the best quality of work for the best price available.

"You get what you pay for.”

Get a good bid from your contractor to start off with and then negotiate to get the best price that you can.  If you don't want to haggle over price, you can always choose the second estimate that was given to you and hope for the best. 

Make sure to get all the necessary permits and licenses for your project

There are some bathroom remodeling projects that don't require a permit, but just make sure to check with your local authorities about these types of projects. Know the bathroom remodeling rules and regulations in your city or town. This will help you to make sure that everything is up to code when it comes time for permits.

You do not want to start working on your bathroom and then get fined for having done so without the necessary permits. You may even have to pay all the money you spent on this bathroom remodel project in the future if you fail to follow through with the proper paperwork and procedures.

Learn as much as you can about bathroom remodels before starting any work. You will need to learn how long bathroom remodels usually take from start to finish, what tools and materials are typically used for bathroom remodels, what professionals should be called upon during a bathroom remodel project, etc...

Check to see if a contractor is licensed and insured. If you plan on doing the work yourself, then they don't need to be licensed but they do need insurance just in case your bathroom project turns into a bathroom disaster.

You would want to know that your home and family is covered by their insurance policy in case anyone gets hurt or there is any property damage done.

Save up money for materials, supplies, and labor costs

Check with all of your utility companies like electric, water, sewer and natural gas. Find out how much they charge for extra usage during bathroom renovations; because once the bathroom renovation project starts there may be more appliances running for example the bathroom fan or light fixtures which might need to stay on so the bathroom will not get moisture damage while being worked on. 

Also find out if any charges could apply because of bathroom renovations such as hooking up new toilets which use less water consumption but require additional piping work around existing water lines.

Keep track of all bathroom renovation expenses and you can even save bathroom renovation receipts from the bathroom remodeling project for tax purposes as well.

NOTE: As long as they are bathroom remodeling related, then you can deduct them from your taxes! Make sure to keep accurate bathroom remodeling records when it comes time to claim your bathroom remodel tax deduction for home-based business.

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