CEO of Builders Elite Team, gives advice to young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the world.

Building a successful company is already tough, but building a company and being African American is even harder. Gammage knows what it’s like working for a huge brand like Disney, where he worked for over 20 year, and he also knows the trials and tribulations in becoming the entrepreneur he has grown into today.

Freedom is a major reason why it is beneficial to be an entrepreneur. You can break barriers and have little to nothing holding you back but yourself. When you think of something, you can then create and bring your vision to life as soon as possible.

Specifically being an African American business owner, is the prestige that comes from the community and being a role model to the community for other young African American potential entrepreneurs coming up. My role in the community can set the example for them to strive for ownership and chasing their dreams.

Builders Elite Team was established in 2016 as a construction business, but before this I worked 19 years for a major entertainment company as a network engineer. It was a natural progress to find myself in our family business, construction — because it surrounded me for years.

The best advice that I’ve ever received from a mentor is to maintain a job. As an entrepreneur it may sound strange, but having a steady flow of income can make your transition to entrepreneurship smoother and allow for you to decrease your stress levels as it pertains to finances. This security ultimately allowed me to become an entrepreneur and chase my passions.

Another piece of advice I would lend to any new business starter is, find a need, do what’s needed. The most success you can find in business is when you find a niche and meet the need of a targeted group. The business may not be what you personally may be connected to, but if it meets the needs of others, it is worth building towards. It will make your sellers pitch easier to receive because you have already thought steps ahead of the client and have a proposal for how you can make their life easier with your new idea and business.

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